A downloadable game for Windows and Android

This game is in "This Summer Jam" inspired by the following trailer:
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In this extreme adventure you play as a super pencil who struggles to finish a lot of very hard levels including evil razors, books and erasers.

Your mission is to collect all green little pencils and then escape the level through any gap in the walls or in the ceiling.

In order to play an exciting game, you should select hard mode. If you really can't complete a level on this mode then you can choose easy.

Controls (for windows):

  • Arrows = move
  • Spacebar = Jump
  • Ctrl = shoot (if you have a gun)
  • Escape = Exit level / game

Controls (for android): Use the buttons on the screen to control the pencil. Use the back button in your device (to exit level / game)


Pencil Oddyssey no setup.exe 2 MB
Pencil Oddyssey installer.exe 3 MB
Pencil Oddyssey.zip 2 MB
Pencil Oddyssey for android.apk 10 MB


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If the download for android doesn't work, try this link on mediafire:
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